Friday, December 27, 2013

Billions and Billions of People on Statins? Damn the Torpedos and Full Speed Ahead

Absolutely Relative
Risk is in the Mind of the Taker
Among the many editorials providing background and backlash about the new cholesterol guidelines is this one:  More Than a Billion People Taking Statins? by John Ioannidis, which echoes the worries of others that the result of the guidelines (which changed the 10-year risk threshold for treatment from 10% to 7.5%) may be that many more people (billions and billions?) will be prescribed statins.  But the title is a curious one - if statins are beneficial, should we lament their widespread prescription and adoption or is it just unfortunate that heart disease is so prevalent? Whose side are we on, the cure or the disease?

Are the premises of the guidelines flawed leading to flawed extrapolations, or are the premises correct and we just don't like the implications?  Let's look at the premises - because if they're flawed, we may find that other premises we have accepted are flawed.