Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ENHANCE trial faces congressional scrutiny

Merck and Shering-Plough had better get their houses in order. Congress is on the case:

Apparently, representatives of the US populus, which pays for a substantial portion of the Zetia sold, are not pleased by the delays in release of the data from the ENHANCE trial. The chicanery is going to be harder to sustain.

I certainly hope for everyone's sake (especially patients') that there is no foul play afoot with this trial or ezetimibe - Merck can hardly withstand another round of Vioxx-type suits, can it? Or can it. Merck's stock price (MRK: is at the same level as it was in Jan, 2004. Some high price to pay for obfuscating the truth, concealing evidence of harm, bilking insurers and the American public and government for billions of $$$ for a prescription painkiller when equivalent non-branded products were available, and causing thousands of heart attacks in the process....

The consequences should be harsher the second time around.....

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  1. Would you mind either posting a copy of the trial or emailing it to me? I'm curious how the patient population and mode of evaluation in Enhance compares to the Reversal and Asteroid trials.

  2. Sir or Madam -

    The trial results have not yet been released in full. Data are said to be presented at the ACC meeting in Chicago in March. Hope to see you there!



  3. Thank you for replying. I look forward to possibly meeting you at ACC in March.


  4. I wouldn't mind "possibly meeting" you either, Dr. Aberegg.

    With highest regards,

  5. You don't look like you discriminate, I too hope to see you at the ACC in March.

    Dan, RN


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