Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary to the Blog! Two Years Old!

The medical evidence blog has turned out to be a fruitful experience for me and hopefully for others. The idea was conceived while I was at OSU auditing a course on capital punishment in the law school taught by the wonderful Douglas Berman, JD, who used a blog as part of the course material and who created the prominent SLAP (Sentencing Law and Punishment) blog. That formative and enriching experience led me to create this blog to ruffle feathers in the medical evidence community, as an alternative to numerous and sundry letters to the editor of the NEJM which I had theretofore been writing. (Every now and again I lose the ability to restrain myself and submit a letter in spite of the blog.) The experiment has paid off, I hope, and hopefully this blog provides fodder for thoughtful clinicians and researchers, as well as physicians in training, and journal clubs. I hope that the tradition of the first two years will continue into perpetuity and we will beat the bushes of evidence on this blog as we strive to understand the truth and the limitations of what is currently known using our logic and our sense of reason to guide us. Thank all of you who have followed this blog for the encouragement to keep it going.

Cheers, Scott

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  1. Happy anniversary ! Thanks for the all the insights and criticisms you share here.



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